The action of delaying or postponing something

I wrote my first blog on Social Media and it was pretty lame. So, I scrapped that one. That happened more than three weeks ago. It has taken me a very long time to get back on board on and write a new blog. Therefore I have chosen to write about PROCRASTINATION.

The word procrastination evokes bad feelings – disappointment, failure, laziness, — I can go on and on but that would just prolong the agony of writing this blog!

“When you see something that needs to be done just do it because you don’t know what’s about to happen.”

A very wise friend and colleague said this to me in a business consulting session. Simple, right? No not really. It is so easy to put something off – a simple task you can do later or a difficult task you cannot face because you are unsure of your ability.

Small business owners need to make the statement above their mantra. Do I need to say why? Think about it. Who else is going to get the task done? Also, you need to remind yourself how rewarding it will be to cross that task off your list.

Whew, I just did that and I am so happy!

Does my small business need a Social Media presence?

I have been using social media for a specialty retail store for the last 10 years and have learned a lot about the hows and whys. First off, every small business should have some media presence help establish legitimacy. Yes, I said that. These days most people will “google” your business before contacting you and it doesn’t matter what the age is of your target market.

Let’s start with a website – you must have a website. It does not need to be complicated but it needs to have useful information and your contact information. How sophisticated your website is depends on what you want to accomplish. I will address that at another time.

Yes, your small business should have a Facebook page of its own. How many times a week should you post? Only when you have something to say! And don’t say too much. Facebook loves photos and videos – you will get a better reach. Don’t try to figure out the algorithms because they are constantly changing.

Other social media outlets – Instagram, SnapChat & Pinterest are great if you have good visuals. Yelp & Google Places – make sure you have a profile filled out and check the reviews regularly.

There has been a lot written about when is the best time to post on social media. You need to experiment with that. I did not find that the recommended times to post worked for the business I was promoting. So I posted at different times and found that Sunday evenings at 8 pm was when we received the best response on Facebook.

I haven’t mentioned Twitter yet on purpose. Twitter has become the spot where many people go for the news these days. There is so much clutter on Twitter that as a small business owner I would not spend any time or money on it.

Finally, a small business needs a social media presence but must carefully examine what results it is looking for before jumping into a large scale social media campaign.